2015, 17(1) • N. Oliveira: Producing Interculturality: Repertoires, Strategies and Spaces


Producing Interculturality: Repertoires, Strategies and Spaces

by Nuno Oliveira (Lisbon University Institute)

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Issues of cultural diversity governance have been on the agenda with regard to urban paradigms that seek to accommodate diversity driven by a globalized world. These new urbanscapes feature particular conditions of interaction involving cross-cultural social competences and have lately been analised according to an “ethics of encounter”. This text proposes three analytical axes to evaluate repertoires of cultural diversity in contemporary cities, particularly with regard to its inscription in public spaces and the underlying logic of their social organisation. Drawing on Foucault’s idea of the production of social realities, practices and subjectivities by means of the ways in which power circulates in social relations, I term this the production of interculturality. I argue that one can examine three logics of the production of interculturality at the urban space level: a political, an economic-competitive and an ethical-symbolic.

Keywords: interculturality, ethics of encounters, governance, diversity, repertoires

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Oliveira, N. (2015). Producing Interculturality: Repertoires, Strategies and Spaces. New Diversities, 17(1), 129-143. Retrieved July 18, 2018, from http://newdiversities.mmg.mpg.de/?page_id=1675
16-01_CoverNew Diversities • Volume 17, No. 1, 2015
Engaging with the Other: Religion, Identity, and Politics in the Mediterranean
Guest Editors: Avi Astor (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) & Mar Griera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
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